ABOUT CAP What is C.A.P. …

The fashion industry is changing dramatically every day.
Each year, everyone says "This will be a year of big change".
Why did fashion evolve this way?
It's because fashion is about trend.
It's about what's happening now, this moment.
Therefore, it is natural that fashion should transform itself freely.

Role in the fashion world?

We are always thinking about what is at the core of our company business.
Our mission is at the heart of everything we do.
And, creating superior products is our main goal.

We are not trying to be the center of the fashion business.
Our products embody the unique talents and individuality of our team.
Ana, C.A.P.'s core mission is to bring together this individuality and talent.
We are believe that this mission is a kind of stepping stone towards the future for everyone.

C.A.P.'s principle.

1. Changing perspective :
We do business in order to add value to our clients.
2. Focus on the customer :
We respond to the requests and demands of our customers.
Furthermore, we anticipate changes in our customer's needs.
3. Individuality :
Creativity is at the core of our thinking.
Our ideas are not just a collection of other concepts.
We are constantly transforming and innovating.

We are always thinking about new possibilities.
This is C.A.P..